Punches Bears


I mak gams. Ridiculous & stupid nonsense made with Unity3D & lots of physics.

email: punchesbears at gmail dot com

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Released Games & Tech Demos

VR Hipster Toss (tech demo)

Current Projects

My projects are constantly evolving, but here's where they are right now.

Burrito Quest (working title)

Inspired by a few things. 1: THIS youtube vid. 2: After watching too much Adventure Time I went to bed hungry & dreamed of an epic Quest for Burritos. I awoke at 3 am & had the basic BQ prototype done by 6pm that day.

The Plan: I'd like for BQ to be a single & multiplayer game.

Bear Rodeo/Naked Danny DeVito Power Rodeo 2

One of my early game ideas was a Bear Rodeo. I also watch a lot of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Danny is naked because I didn't know how to model clothes when I made him.

The Plan: This would likely be fun as both a single & multiplayer game. Will work on this again soon.

Note: Music by http://www.banjoteacher.com/free-banjo-mp3s . Used in demo build only.

Violent Empire (working title)

Welcome to Empire Arenas! The world's most exciting Entertainment Prison! EA features state of the art entertainment facilities as well as a one of a kind gladiator style fighting arenas. We even have our very own Bear Gladiator! So whether you're looking to host a business retreat, wedding reception, or just want a fun night out with the friends for some drinks and gambling, Empire Arenas has it all!

The Plan: I'm working on the story for this. The basic game idea is that you play as the bear and have to maul your way out of the facility, save some homies, and take out The Warden. I intend for story mode to be pretty grungy and terrifying. I currently have a basic multiplayer ThunderDome battle working, and will have a single player and possibly co-op story mode. I'm hoping to have a build with the first level within the next few months

Note: Music by Bongripper. Just used for this clip...because it's bad ass.

Music Driven Procedural Dancing

Not sure yet

Virtual Reality Stuff

Not sure yet


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~ About Me ~

Who is Punches Bears?

Seattle Based. This sums me up pretty well I think.

Why would you punch a bear?

This literally happened. It's how I met my wife.


How are you doing the animation?

I built a physics animation engine inside Unity.
I apply force directly to the ragdoll's rigidbodies & stabilize movement using drag/angular drag.

~ News/Press ~






I also make 3D models.

Here are a few from some of my projects

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I'll only use this if I'm doing something super important...like launching a crowdfunding campaign or releasing a build or something. There is a verification email to weed out the bots.